About the project

The Royal Danish Theatre is working on a large research project entitled “A Suitcase of Methods – Seeking the Experienced Relevance of Performance Art”.

New platforms for entertainment and artistic experiences are emerging everywhere. This changes our perception of culture and art and our cultural habits. In order to take this change seriously, we need to stay curious about audience’s experiences. We do so by investigating what the audience consider relevant for them in their everyday life and in their cultural rendez-vous. The term relevance, therefore, is central to our project work.

The project has a methodologically experimental focus, and it seeks to contribute with new methods and tools to uncover, collect, and analyze qualitative data on audience experiences. This means being open to untraditional ways of engaging with the audience. We are willing to try, fail, learn, and try again.

From the very beginning and as the project develops we wish to share reflections, knowledge, and results with anyone interested in this field. Therefore we invite researchers and practitioners to contribute with comments, questions, and general contributions on this blog.

Read the entire project description.

The project is funded by Bikubenfonden.

One thought on “About the project

  1. exciting.
    wonderful to see actual meditation and real competence.
    i would love to be a part of this element in the reflexions on art experience.


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