The research team

Project owner:
The Royal Danish Theatre


Project manager:
Nina Gram, PhD in Aesthetics and Communications
Nina has been researching individual experiences with art and cultuProfilbilledere. First in her PhD ‘When the Music Works’ (2013), where the aim was to understand how mobile music listening in public spaces affect how we perceive our surroundings. Now with the project ‘A Suitcase of Methods’ the methodological experiments continue as she explores different qualitative research methods to gain knowledge about the theatre audience and their experiences.

Project initiator:
Christina Østerby, Christina Østerby

Now Chief Executive at Gyldendal’s book clubs and Gyldendal+

Project Manager (Maternity leave substitute)
Anna Lawaetz, dramaturge and PhD in Aesthetics and Perception.
Anna has been researching how it is possible to capture and measure voice aesthetics and put into words what is ephermere sensations. She holds a MA in Theatre and Performance Studies from University of Copenhagen and is working as a dramaturge. Furthermore she has been the artistic co-leader of the performance-company Sisters Hope (DK) for 7 years and has been the architect behind several artistic research set-ups, where capturing of the audience response as more than words and text has been key.