New major knowledge-project on audience experience in the performing arts

The Royal Danish Theatre is to run the research project “A Suitcase of Methods – Seeking the Experienced Relevance of Performing Arts” during the next four years.

The project is based on the assumption that there is no longer a genuine national formative ideal and that has transformed the cultural consumerism. As a result, cultural institutions needs to learn more about their audience keeping an eye on the steady cultural user as well as promoting new audience segments.

This project strives to investigate the relevance of performing arts to a contemporary audience by taking the audience experience as the starting point. The researchers Nina Gram and Anna Lawaetz state: “We let go of the quantitative analysis for a while and concentrate on capturing the sensed experienced which often tends to be an ephemeral feeling – a wordless space – to the audience. What is it about the artistic experience and its settings that makes the cultural experience of relevance to the audience?”

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