Audience feedback during the creation of a production


How is it possible to integrate audience feedback during the creation of a production? Anna Lawaetz from A Suitcase of Methods has been interviewing audience researcher Lene Heiselberg from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), producer Thomas Heinesen from Nordisk Film Production and stage director and choreographer Jørgen Carlslund from the children and youth company ZeBU about their use of audience feedback in creation of a program, a film or a theatre play. Heinesen, Carlslund and Heiselberg have extensive experience in using audience feedback in the creative phase of a production. Though theatre, film and radio/television are very different in their form, they all engage with an audience. This article provides an insight into the methods applied across these art forms. The aim is to inspire practitioners who want to work with audience response before the show goes on.

Read the article: Ensuring the experienced relevance – A study on audience feedback during the creative process in film-, television- and children/youth theatre productions

Read a Danish version of the article here: Det er meget flot. Men det er ikke for sådan nogen som os. Publikumsinddragelse i den kreative proces i teater, film, TV og radio

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