Video recordings and audience conversations

‘The performance is the beginning of a longer experience. It is the scorpion’s bite, which makes one dance. The dance does not stop when one leaves the theatre’
Eugenio Barba

How can video recordings be used to explore audience perception of performing arts? Three young theatre scholars conducted an experiment on them selves and two fellow students in May 2016 after watching the ballet ‘Don Quixote’ at The Royal Danish Theatre. The participants filmed what reminded them of the performance in short 30 s. takes. Three days after they met and talked about their experience aiming to keep the individual experience intact and at the same time discuss and reflect on the art experience in a group.

A Suitcase of Methods have been collaborating with a group of young MA students from University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Study who followed the course ’Audience Relations’ conducted by associate professor Karen Vedel. Read the rapport here

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