Exploring our non-users

 – Who are you, and how can we be relevant to you?

These days The Suitcase and the Royal Danish Theatre is getting to know the people who do not usually watch our performances or spend time at one of our venues.

With help from YouGov we have selected people from culture segments that wouldn’t typically be interested in The Royal Danish Theatre (read more about our work with the segments here). We are carrying out focus groups in Copenhagen and in Funen (160 km from our venues) in order to get a better understanding of who this group of people is. What motivates them? What do they enjoy? What do they dream of? What are their traditions etc.?

We have carefully developed a question guide that should ensure that we get relevant, in depth, and accurate knowledge about this group of people. We already know many reasons why some people may hesitate to visit the Royal Danish Theatre (time, transportation, money to name the most prevalent ones). But we also know that this group find equal amounts of time and money as they prioritize other types of experiences. Our aim with this survey is to understand what motivates them and what practical and emotional factors are truly influencing their choices.

We have chosen to let YouGov moderate the conversations because we wanted to avoid that we (representing The Royal Danish Theatre) affected the conversation and thus the insight we could get out of it. We therefore work with a traditional setup that allows us to listen in on the conversations in order to make sure that all our questions are covered. This setup provides the needed distance to the participants while giving us privileged access to the content that is discussed.

We have already carried out groups in Copenhagen and next week we are heading to Funen. More details on the survey design and our learning will follow in report #16.

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