The Audible Experience at Theatre Venues


To be able to hear what is said at a theatre venue is important to the entire experience. According to a survey from April 2015 by Kbht – a collaboration of five Copenhagen based theatres – 85 % of the respondents named the acoustic in the theatre to be the most important surrounding feature for a good experience. In one of our previous studies we talked with audience members who would mention the lack of being able to hear what was said. But we discovered that ’not being able to hear’ might be an expression for more than acoustic features – in this case it was about codes such as being unsecure about the ability to understand or decipher the experience. When ‘A Suitcase of Methods’ was contacted by a group of sound designers and audio engineers who wanted to measure the acoustics at different venues we have been very interested in following the project. During the month of August the group have conducted tests on speech-intelligebility, impulse-response and acoustic energy measurements on acoustic and electro acoustic speech signals as well as the teleloop system at two of the venues at the Royal Danish Theatre. The ambition is to combine the acoustic measurements with audience tests. Today the last pre-test was conducted. We are looking forward to learn more from the group.

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